Terry White

Here We Come
Monday, November 11
My Alaska Airlines flight 472 just departed Seattle bound for Los Angeles and my connecting flight on American to Buenos Aires. There I will meet up with the 2019 Patagonia Trek team made up of MM survivors like me, MM Doctors , caregivers, the great folks from the MMRF, Celgene Pharmaceutical and CURE  Magazine the sponsors of this epic adventure. Our WhatsApp (the best for international travel, plus it’s free) chat group has been buzzing with lots of excitement as we’ve been getting closer to departure. Everyone has been preparing for this trip for a long time,  fundraising, training, conference calls and emails from our awesome MMRF boss Lauren who’s been leading this team from all over the  US and Europe!
My journey actually began a long time ago.  

Dx in 2009 the MM Highway has many bumps along the way. Treatments of radiation, chemo and then a period of calm followed by relapse and another round of treatments. The radiation techs had tears in their eyes when they saw me walk in for my  second round of radiation. It was great to see them again although not ideal circumstances. I did get to ring the bell twice!  

Being able to become involved with the MMRF has been a blessing for me personally and allowed me to help raise much needed money and awareness for research and development of the new drugs that are extending patients lives.

Patagonia! Here we come!    

I’m very excited to be able to make this trip with a great group from all over. Each day will be a different area with a uniqueness like each patient on the team. MM takes hold and affects each patient differently which can sometimes be more  difficult to treat. The level of difficulty will increase each day as we prepare for a 22 mile trek on the last day!   

Stayed tuned in for more........
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