Michelle and Jeffrey Carlberg

Let's Move Mountains
Thursday, November 07
Your wife has cancer – four words no one ever wants to hear and four words after which I knew my life was changed forever!  After the initial shock had settled in, the next step was, “What can I do in this fight against this insidious disease?!?”

Finding the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) shortly after Michelle’s diagnosis has truly been a blessing for me – not only for the wealth of information and patient advocacy available, but also providing an avenue for me to get involved in this journey, and allowing me to jump head first into our fundraising efforts as Co-Captain, and head Cheerleader, of #TeamCarlberg. 

As a caregiver, at times, well a lot of the time, I find myself wondering what more I can do, and raising funds and awareness for the MMRF, culminating in this Moving Mountains trek to Patagonia, has been exactly the MORE I can do!  This past year – between Dine Out events, a neighborhood Fun Run 5K, and a Halloween party, with all proceeds going to the MMRF – has been so fulfilling in that regard.

Looking forward to the exciting adventure that lies in the two weeks ahead – traveling back to Patagonia, which holds a special place in Michelle and my hearts, re-connecting with our amazing team, and truly making a difference in this fight against multiple myeloma – let’s Move Mountains!!!
The 'Fun' in Fundraising
Tuesday, October 29
In 2016, when I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, my oldest son had just started kindergarten and my youngest son was 1. I had been living with severe back pain since my youngest was 2 months old. It was the moment that the path diverged, not only for myself, but for our family as well. Some dreams were lost, but others have come to take their place. There are days that I still struggle with the lost dreams that I know might never come to realization. This new path’s bumps have been especially hard as my multiple myeloma was more aggressive than originally thought and I remain on a stringent maintenance therapy. My children are growing up with a “sick” mom who has to go in for treatment every other week and has side effects that come at an instant’s notice. They have had to gain an understanding that mom has to run to the bathroom and please run along, too, and wait for who knows how long. Some days hurt as the fatigue takes over and I am shorter with my kids than I would like to be.

Being a part of Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma has been a new dream gained on this unforeseen path. This past year my husband, who I am blessed to share this experience with, and I have really found the “fun” in fundraising. We have been awed by the outpouring of support of our family, friends and neighbors. From a neighborhood fun run with 86 participants, to a creative sign making night, and restaurant dine-out evenings, we have not only been able to exceed our initial fundraising goal, but also raise awareness about multiple myeloma in our community. It is also amazing how many people just donate when you ask because they love and support you. Knowing that we have such support as we head on this adventure, gives us wind behind our backs.

Hiking has always been a passion of my husband and mine. To me, hiking has always been about seeing the beauty in the world and the knowledge when reaching the top and looking at the horizon, knowing that you can do anything. I hike for my family and the hope for a cure and living the longest life I can. I hike to be there at those momentous occasions that I don’t want to miss in my children’s lives. Seeing their smiles reminds me that even on this bumpy path that I didn’t expect to take, that I am blessed. We are ready to move this mountain!
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