Nick and Krysta
Nick and Krysta

How a Passion for Patients Brought Us Together
Thursday, December 15
We met at MCPHS University as students. Nick was a resident assistant at the time we met. It is a frequent joke that we met in the laundry room and talked over each other’s dirty laundry. From there, we both became involved in the orientation program as orientation leaders and instantly became friends through conversations surrounding both of our favorite things – steak, adventures and technology. These common interests formed the foundation of our relationship and continue today.

Both of us had chosen to focus our careers in healthcare, Nick as a pharmacist and Krysta as a dental hygienist. We both have put patients and others before ourselves as both of us find happiness in helping others. Altruism has allowed us to excel as healthcare professionals and drives us to find better ways in which we can help patients live better, healthier lives.

We were truly humbled when we found out we were on the 2017 Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma Mt. Kilimanjaro team. We have learned so much about the team members, and Mt. Kilimanjaro thus far that has only made us more excited to climb in February. Recently engaged, we will work together to conquer this mountain. Our main goal is to ensure the success of the team, and we will do what it takes to get everyone to the peak.

Inspired by a close friend, we ask each other, “What did you do today to change someone's life?” to continuously challenge ourselves to make every day great for us and those around us. Whether it be helping someone carry their groceries or pushing someone up a mountain, we aim to impact someone’s life every day. What is amazing is how much family, friends and patients impact our everyday lives. We met as students and would talk for hours about food, and now we have discovered ourselves through challenges and adventures that have pushed each other to the limits. Mt. Kilimanjaro is just the next obstacle to conquer with our team, as a team.
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