Matt Goldman
Matt Goldman

Back to Reality
Friday, March 17
It’s been a few weeks since I returned home from the trip of a lifetime. Since returning from Kilimanjaro, I’ve done my routine blood work, visited with my doctor, had my chemo and started addressing the dozens of emails waiting for me at work. I’m still in the adjustment period.

Our Kilimanjaro trip had been in the planning stages for about a year. As a team, we raised a quarter of a million dollars to help the MMRF find a cure for multiple myeloma. As a team, over eight days on the mountain, we bonded and created lifelong friendships. And hopefully as a team, we showed that life can go on, even after a cancer diagnosis.

For me being home is a bit surreal. Just a few weeks ago we were in Africa, climbing a mountain. I miss the morning coffee with my friends and teammates. I miss the tired feeling after a good days hike. Now I need to organize my photos and thoughts and update folks at home on the adventure. While doing fundraising and now that I’m home, I received and continue to receive amazing and supportive messages. It’s touching and motivating. Now I guess the challenge is what’s next.
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