Lisa Valaika
Lisa Valaika

5 Reasons Working in Oncology Becomes More Than a Career
Monday, January 16
1. The people I work with are passionate about what they do. This keeps the motivation high for all of us and encourages me to always try to bring my “A” game and “move the needle” to hopefully make a difference.

2.Creativity and innovation is encouraged and embraced, which allows for a very stimulating work environment.

3. Collaboration is the norm. While I enjoy the ability to work independently, I value the insight and input of my colleagues and teammates. Together, we can achieve more.

4. At Takeda, patients are at the center of everything we do. Patients motivate and inspire all of us. Patient stories, their lives, their hopes for better health and their dreams for a brighter future helps to define who we are and the work that we do.

5. Takeda is built around our shared values: integrity, fairness, honesty and perseverance. These were established at Takeda’s founding over 230 years ago and have continued to develop over time. We call these Takeda-ism. These are our core strengths and the spirit of Takeda.
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