James Brophy
James Brophy

The Pre-Game Jitters
Friday, February 17
Today seems like a normal day. Alarm went off (albeit, a little earlier than usual). Showered. Kissed Mrs. Broph goodbye. Caught the 6:15 a.m. NJ Transit Northeast Corridor train to NYC. From Penn Station, I hopped on a northbound E train and headed to my office in Midtown. But today is quite different – it’s game day! And as the Super Bowl reminded us recently, big games can take lots of twists and turns. 

Today is the first day of the journey to Kilimanjaro with my teammates. I have been planning and thinking about this Kili trek for more than a year. My teammates and I have been in regular contact for months, but many of us haven’t seen each other since our practice hike in July. It will be awesome to reconnect with them at the airport tonight and tomorrow.

The long-planned trip is now real. My teammates and I have all faced obstacles and challenges to make this adventure become a reality. For some of us, this trip is a lot more daunting than for others. But we have all prepared – mentally and physically. Like many athletes and fans that get nervous before a big sporting event, we can expect some pre-game jitters. This MM4MM team is focused. We are prepared. We are ready. 

Take a breath.

Put it in perspective. 

Think positive.

Can’t wait to see everyone. Let’s do this.
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