Tom Seidell

Name: Tom Seidell
Age: 31
Hometown: Caldwell, NJ

I am 31 years old from Caldwell, New Jersey. I work in NYC at CBS Sports as an accounting manager, and have been there for four years. I have two sisters who are twins, Erica and Liz. My desire to contribute to the MMRF is close to my heart. Our amazing Mom, Cathy Seidell, unfortunately lost her battle with multiple myeloma in January 2017 after a six-year fight. My sisters and I began participating with the MMRF not long after her diagnosis in 2011 - Liz and I ran three NYC Half Marathons together, before I went on to run the NYC Marathon in 2014, all with the MMRF team. It has always been a great experience to test myself physically for a cause that is of great importance to me - it places added meaning on the obstacles to overcome. The Iceland Trek is the next test! My Mom's 67th birthday would have been August 3rd, so trekking with the MMRF team in her honor just a few days later will be an awe-inspiring, commemorative adventure that will be a testament to her and her limitless grace, love, humor and bravery, which she displayed every single day in the face of difficult odds. She was a HUGE Mets fan and I will definitely be bringing along some Mets gear to represent for her in Iceland! 
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