Tina Mattis

Name: Tina Mattis
Age: 55
Hometown: San Pedro, CA

Over the past two years, I have seen firsthand how multiple myeloma affects lives. I’ve been close to someone who has the disease and have personally witnessed the battle with treatment, living daily life and its impact on children and families. It’s been an eye opener. I also have clients/friends whose parents have lost the battle or are currently fighting it. It’s a rare disease, and I’ve seen far too much of it in a few short years. In experiencing the disease through these individuals, I’ve personally witnessed how MMRF provides an invaluable network to these patients and families.

I’ve experienced the comradery, friendships and hope the MMRF has provided to patients and loved ones. It’s impressive, uplifting and inspirational. So much so that I am inspired to participate in this hike to help the foundation find a cure. Through past MMRF events, I’ve seen patients gain confidence, hope and strength to battle the emotional side of this disease as well. These experiences bring people together and that’s the beautiful part.

Lives are being cut too short. This hike is important to me because I’ve seen MMRF’s funding get drugs into clinical trials and eventually approved by the FDA. This leads to more hope and more years with loved ones. And THAT is the biggest gift a patient, caregiver or loved one can receive.

I am inspired by the MMRF and honored to hike and help raise funds and awareness to this (currently) incurable cancer. I want to be part of the solution before it ever becomes a problem for anyone else!
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