Jen Phlieger Ansier

Name: Jen Phlieger Ansier 
Age: 43
Hometown: Austin, TX

Right around my 31st birthday, my doctor recommended that I have my cholesterol tested. Never having it done before and being over 30, I did it. Luckily my cholesterol was perfectly normal; however, there was a number on the results that concerned him so we reran the test. A few more blood tests and doctor visits later, I was at an oncologist’s office. I soon received the life-changing diagnosis of multiple myeloma. I had never even heard of this cancer and when I began to research it I was baffled because I wasn’t even close to being in the demographic for it.

I immediately started a harsh cocktail of two chemos and an ungodly amount of steroids. This brought my monoclonal protein down enough to have my first autologous stem cell transplant in February 2007. It worked and I was in complete remission until 2010. It became active again so I began treatment one more time and in 2011 I had my second autologous transplant. I have been fortunate enough to maintain my remission since then. 

I’m not someone who has done many (any!) marathons, I don’t do CrossFit, and I have never hiked for longer than a day. But the MMRF Endurance Events have inspired me to do this incredible three-day hike across Iceland. I hope to inspire people. I hope to make people aware of multiple myeloma. And I really, really hope to help find a cure. 

I know I am one of the lucky ones. I’m still here. I try to embrace life each day and this challenge for the MMRF has me incredibly excited! I’m just so honored to be chosen to be part of the Iceland Fire & Ice team and I know that if we all continue to work together we WILL find a cure.
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