Erin Calufetti-Schumacher

Name: Erin Calufetti-Schumacher
Age: 35
Hometown: Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida 

I lost my dad, Larry, to multiple myeloma in February 2016. He was only 65. For two years, he bravely battled against one of the most aggressive forms of myeloma top specialists around the country had seen. I’m sure some may wonder why I would want to stay involved with cancer research after cancer took one of my loved ones from me, but I felt like I had two options: run or get involved. Losing my dad has fueled me to help contribute more to the myeloma community and those that are still fighting every day. I’m determined to raise funds and awareness for this horrible disease!

We started “Team Moose says Move over Myeloma” (My dad’s nickname in his baseball days at SIU and with the NY Mets was “Moose”) with the MMRF Team for Cures 5k program in 2015 after my dad was diagnosed. We have run the 5k race with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation in Philadelphia (2015), Chicago (2016) and most recently the last two years (2017 and 2018), in our home town of Fort Lauderdale. To date, “Team Moose” has raised more than $60,000 and counting. I heard about the Moving Mountains for Myeloma endurance group and I was instantly inspired to participate. It’s comprised of three things I love: hiking, international travel and supporting the MMRF. One of my goals is to also hike Mt. Kilimanjaro or Mt. Everest with the MM4MM group and I felt like this Iceland hike was a great opportunity to “get my feet wet”. 

I’m so grateful and honored to have been chosen to join this group. I am hiking for my dad and inspired by him. Two of his greatest attributes were persistence and a positive attitude. Everything he set out to accomplish, he gave 110 percent and never gave up. He fought cancer the same way! I will be thinking of him and I know that will help me get through any challenges along the hike ahead. I’m also so incredibly inspired by my other teammates, especially the ones that are currently dealing with myeloma themselves. I have read many of their amazing stories and I can’t wait to meet them! I look forward to sharing this experience together, in a beautiful country, as we raise funds to find a cure! Last but not least, a very special shout out to my dear friend, Erica Harrison, who is joining me on this adventure. She has run or biked by my side in every single cancer race that I have participated in since my dad’s diagnosis in 2014. 
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