Barbara McCarrick

Name: Barbara McCarrick
Age: 59
HometownPleasanton, CA

Last fall, I picked up a copy of CURE in the waiting room of my brother’s oncology office. My family and I had been caring for him during his treatment for lung cancer.  I read an article about a woman’s journey with MMRF's Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma. I thought, “I need to do this.”  My brother had been such a source of support to me during my treatment for multiple myeloma. He had donated generously to MMRF 5K events since my diagnosis in 2009. I would do this hike for him and those still battling cancer.  

Participating in Iceland Fire & Ice trek is a tremendous honor. It is exciting to be part of the MMRF fundraising team. Following initial chemotherapy, radiation and tandem stem cell transplants, I achieved complete remission. I relapsed in 2013, underwent more chemo, and thankfully, am in remission. Thanks to the wonderful care of my medical team, love and support of my family and friends, and the tireless efforts of MMRF, I am strong and healthy enough for this challenge. Living in the San Francisco bay area, I have plenty of local hills and mountains to conquer in preparation for the hike.

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma raises money and awareness for this blood cancer. With research, clinical trials and new treatments, we will all hopefully have a long remission, and soon, a cure. It is my goal to continue travelling, working as an occupational therapist, spending time with family and friends, and taking on any challenges that come along. I’m ready for this one!
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