Alex Cavin

Name: Alex Cavin
Age: 33
Hometown: New York, NY

I’m participating in the Iceland hike to support the MMRF and all of the patients and families touched by multiple myeloma. I work for Celgene, and in my role I focus on educating the myeloma community on advancements in cancer therapies. I was introduced to the MMRF through our partnership and have been struck by the commitment and focus of everyone involved in driving myeloma research forward. 

What motivates me on this hike is my family. I have multiple family members currently being treated for cancer and my wife is a physician who inspires me every day.  Learning from their experiences has helped me recognize that there is still work to be done in addressing health care challenges. At the same time, it makes me hopeful to see the energy and collaboration directed in finding solutions to critical healthcare issues like cancer research. The partnership of patients, providers, foundations and research companies makes me excited for future progress in myeloma.

I am looking forward to this epic hike and to see the beauty of Iceland. I’m even more excited to meet and learn from the other hikers on the trip. I’m honored to partner and raise money for the MMRF and support the mission of all of us in the myeloma community. We are striving for a multiple myeloma cure together, and we will not stop until it is conquered!
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