Tina Mattis

Thinking of My Warrior Teammates
Friday, August 03
One year ago, I remember applying to be part of this incredible trek to raise money for multiple myeloma. And now, I can't believe we are few days away! The excitement is building – have I trained enough? Am I ready? I was already working out under my normal routine, but knew I needed to mix it up. I incorporated more Stairmaster workouts and added some kickboxing. Do I feel apprehensive? Yes! Will this will be a challenge? Yes! Yet, nothing compared to a cancer patient's journey. I keep reminding myself of that. When I train, I think about those going through stem cell transplants or chemo. Even though they may not feel like it, I consider them warriors. I am honored to help them in this battle.
I met my incredible teammates a few months ago and they all inspired me in their own way. They all touched my heart, which makes me want to fight harder for them! When people come together, they bring a variety of perspectives, strengths and outlooks. Life takes a village! And those battling this disease need an even bigger village and for multiple myeloma patients, that's where the MMRF comes in. Their philosophy and spirit not only help fund research for cures, they breed hope, they bring resources, and they bring support to those battling multiple myeloma. They help give the patient time with loved ones, birthdays to see, graduations to attend, daughters to walk down the aisle, grandbabies to hold. They have and are continuing to fund ground breaking research. They are the biggest warriors of all and I am thrilled to be a part of their support team! I will be with my warrior teammates every step of this hike offering support, inspiration and rooting for them. I will consider it a victory if I do that at even a fraction of the way they have inspired me. Thank you MMRF, CURE and Celgene. Now let's do this!!!
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