Jamie Tinschert

Here's to an Amazing Adventure
Thursday, May 03
I have never been to the Grand Canyon, and to hike it has been a dream of mine for years. So, when the opportunity presented itself to combine the sight-seeing wonder of Havasu Falls with raising awareness and fundraising for the MMRF, we knew we wanted to be a part of this! Training and fundraising alongside my husband, who is my partner in crime and my caregiver, has been amazing. He’s a fundraising enthusiast who always brings it up in every conversation and even dials for dollars to family, friends and co-workers. My tactics were less direct, typically posting on Facebook and sending emails to family and friends, which was almost equally productive. Our friends, family and co-workers know our story and have always been there supporting us in every way possible. They provided everything from meals, prayers, random acts of kindness and support as they rallied around our endeavors to meet our fundraising goals. We are blessed beyond words to have so much love and support throughout this journey.  
We began our training in early January and were so committed that we didn’t allow the weather to dictate if we would train or not. During one of our first 5-milers, it was pouring rain, 34 degrees and just plain miserable! We made the best of it, even sending a fun selfie of us soaked from head to toe to our son who thought we were nuts and would never last out there. We showed him! Working out has been my saving grace during all of my treatments, both physically and mentally. So that my boys worry less about my health, I always try to show them I’m stronger than I look. They are going be seriously impressed that their Mom actually hiked Havasu Falls for three days, slept in a tent and didn’t do my hair and makeup! 
Here’s to an amazing adventure with an amazing team of people with the same goals in mind of raising awareness and much needed funds for the MMRF. Together we are Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma!  
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