Kathleen Kauffman
Name: Kathleen Kauffman
Age: 54
Hometown: Birmingham, Ala.
Link: https://endurance.themmrf.org/2017GrandCanyon/Kathleen55
Hey everyone! Greetings from Birmingham, Alabama.  

I am thrilled to celebrate my 55th birthday (May 7) by hiking the Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Trail as part of the MMRF's Moving Mountains for Myeloma Program! I want to take on this physical and fundraising challenge because I am a myeloma patient whose life has been extended by drugs developed through MMRF-sponsored projects.

For 27 years I enjoyed working as a healthcare lawyer, assisting academic medical centers and providers through a maze of healthcare regulations so they could treat patients and develop new treatments through research. Then in 2013 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. My role switched from legal adviser to patient, a much more challenging proposition. But with the assistance of God, wonderful healthcare professionals and major advances in drug development, my myeloma journey is one of hope.  

I participate in life every day - walk with Sam, my black lab, attend Auburn football games and concerts with my husband, Clarence, play with my grandchildren (anticipating the arrival of another in July), spend time in Ohio and at the beach with family and friends, participate in church community outreach activities - the list is long. If you would have told me early in my diagnosis that I would be doing these things, let alone hiking the Grand Canyon, I would have said you were crazy!

I am honored to take part in the Moving Mountains program to support MMRF's incredible work on behalf of myeloma patients.  
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