Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell

Post-Climb Reflections
Monday, May 08
As Catherine perfectly described at dinner, the hike was an incredible experience for a variety of reasons: the views, the relationships and the physical challenge.
The view from the ridge is breathtaking. The vastness is difficult to describe, even there it almost seems fake. You have to go and see it yourself!
The relationships will stay with me forever. I'm fortunate in that I get to meet with people who take our medicines regularly, but this experience was different. We weren't there to talk about multiple myeloma or its treatment. We were there as people connected to multiple myeloma who wanted to contribute to the multiple myeloma community and fund important research. Hearing stories from sons and daughters, spouses and patients was unlike anything I've done before, and I'm proud to have gained about 20 new friends as a result. I think it's really important to break down the barriers between our industry and the patient communities we serve.
The physical challenge was intense. Getting to Indian Garden was amazing, but the joy didn't last long as we began our ascent shortly after lunch. Looking up, the Canyon looked huge. We were about to hike 4.5 miles and climb over 3,000 vertical feet. With each switchback you'd look up and the Canyon towered above. Rich, our guide, kept me going — especially the last 1.5 miles that felt so steep. He swore the ridge was just around the corner, and I'll forever be grateful for his optimism. Attitude is everything.
All in all, it was a life altering experience. I've always felt dedicated to my work. Today, I feel more connected than ever.
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