Griselda Marquez Demassey
Griselda Marquez Demassey

The Power of the Experience
I never underestimated the power of this experience, even back in January when I made the swift decision to do it. I knew it would be inspirational, emotional and intense. But I have to admit I wasn't expecting it to hit me as hard as it did today. Every moment of this journey, so far, has been awe-inspiring: the overwhelming support and donations from friends everywhere, the enthusiasm created by the adventure, location, and especially hearing the stories of courage from Donna, Jen, Frédéric and their wonderful families.

Then, flying into Phoenix over the magnificently colored landscape of reds, browns and purple hues. Driving and walking around Sedona with its red sculpted mountains and formations as a backdrop.

Getting to know everyone on the team and learning that anything is possible, and miracles really happen.

Finally, arriving at the Grand Canyon. There it is. A vast depth that pierced my soul. There are no words. Only tears.

- Griselda

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