George DeChello
George DeChello

Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Waking up this morning brought on so many emotions; from excitement to a feeling of nervous anticipation. All of our preparations have led us here. With the early start time, we will avoid some of the violent heat that will happen later in the day. My biggest fear was the heat being too much for me, but it looks like that will not be an issue!

To be able to come to the Grand Canyon with my mom is almost surreal, considering the rough year we have had. When I come across a rough moment ahead on this hike, I know I can look back at what we have been through to keep me motivated to finish. Nothing can prepare me for what lies ahead on this hike but I know I have the drive and motivation to finish. Not just for me but for my mom and all the other patients living with multiple myeloma.

- George

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