Donna & Bud Cowan
Donna & Bud Cowan

Sedona: A Personal Gift
Sedona is a magnificent, mystical, spiritual place on Earth.  

We have visited Sedona many times in the past years, and every time we make that left turn off the highway to Sedona, any tension, worries or troubles seem to just melt away. The beauty of the valley is awesome and difficult to put into words. It never ends, from sunrise to sunset and into the glow of the moon and stars in the night sky.

To be going there today before our big hike tomorrow is a personal gift for me. Any doubt or apprehension that I may be holding about the hike will be put to rest and positive peacefulness will replace it. The spiritual essence touches those who seek it, and I do this with an open heart and soul.

We are blessed to be with some of the most diverse, interesting and special people that make up "OUR TEAM" for the MM4MM Grand Canyon hike... Wow, talk about fun and laughter and a great variety of personalities.

I hope this short visit to Sedona will be as special to them as it is to us.

Everyday is a gift!
- Donna
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