Name: Shoukei Ehara
Age: 49
Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan

Native to Japan, I have worked for Takeda Pharmaceuticals for the past 26 years (since 1991). As the Head of Sales, I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with many wonderful Japanese physicians and medical professionals. As I consider the Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma initiative sponsored by Takeda Oncology, I’m reminded about a meeting that took place 20 years ago at which a physician recommended I participate in a similar philanthropic climb up Mt. Fuji. Similar to this MM4MM climb in Japan, the event brought together (breast) cancer patients and supporters on a climb to the mountain’s peak. At the summit we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise that filled us with HOPE – truly symbolic of the patient journey. I was proud of what we had accomplished that day!
In July, I look forward to returning to Mt. Fuji, this time with a dedicated team of multiple myeloma patients, physicians and caregivers as part of the MM4MM team. I unfortunately have family members who have struggled with cancer, and I know how meaningful it is for patients to not only survive, but to live a normal life again and reach their life goals. I hope my prior experiences on Mt. Fuji will once again benefit cancer patients on their journey.
I look forward to meeting everyone soon.
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