Name: Liz Lewis
Age: 52
Hometown: Concord, MA
I oversee global patient advocacy at Takeda Oncology, a company with a deep-rooted history and commitment to discovering and developing innovative therapies for patients with cancer such as multiple myeloma. During my 15 years with the company, I’ve had the privilege of working directly with patients, caregivers and patient organizations like the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Progress is being made daily. Patients are living longer, more fulfilling lives and now even summiting some of the world’s tallest mountains. The life stories and tireless efforts of individuals to fight against and raise awareness for multiple myeloma continue to be a source of personal inspiration for me.
Since the program’s inception in 2016, 20 multiple myeloma survivors have climbed some of the world’s tallest mountains through Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma. I feel honored to climb with these individuals. Our combined journey to climb Mount Fuji in Japan mirrors the patients’ crusade and Takeda Oncology’s aspirations to someday reach that ultimate goal of curing cancer.
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Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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