Mark Herkert

Name: Mark Herkert
Age: 54
Hometown: Seattle, WA

If life is about second chances, then this Everest Trek is made for me.
One of my favorite sayings is “Crisis is the greatest opportunity for growth,” and being diagnosed six and a half years ago with multiple myeloma has given me purpose and passion; something I was missing pre-diagnosis. 

Having an incurable cancer has taught me that every day that I feel good is a blessing, and to exploit that to the max. Case in point: last February I was scheduled to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as a Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) fundraiser with a group of myeloma survivors and supporters, but health issues prevented me from participating. It was very disappointing to cancel on my teammates, but the support and understanding I received from them and my donors was humbling and inspiring. 

Now I’m back stronger than ever and training for a half Ironman, and keeping my fingers crossed that next year I will be healthy when it’s time for Everest. The tenuousness of my health compels me to push my physical boundaries while I have the chance, and pack my life with impactful experiences.
My desire to be part of the solution has led to three years of intense fundraising and training for endurance events, and the support and feedback I’ve gotten has been incredibly affirming. 

I am excited to bond with a group of survivors and myeloma caregivers over our shared hopes and struggles, in a challenging setting off the grid where we can rely on each other and really focus on the moment. Unplug me, please! And let’s get down to what really matters — connecting and supporting others. Climb on!
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