Kelley M. Ward

Name: Kelley M. Ward
Age: 29
Hometown: Wilton, CT/Huntington, NY

The Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma program is the sum of all passions for me: philanthropy, the outdoors, travel, and event management. After climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in February with our 2017 team I knew Everest Base Camp (EBC) was what I had my eye on next. Little did I know that the team I would be managing would make me even more devoted about going to Nepal and taking on this new journey. It's a privilege to work with a group of such passionate, positive and motivated individuals. I am beyond excited and proud to work with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) and this trek team.

I am most looking forward to exploring the culture and spirituality of the region while helping lead the team members to reach their every goal. For each of us we have an even bigger reason behind participating in an event like this and I am focused on helping us all bring that mission to fruition: spread awareness and raise funds for cancer research. The MMRF has such great integrity with the funds raised to help fight myeloma that it makes everyone’s efforts that much more meaningful.

We’re all in this together and I look forward to each step along the way!
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