Ben Marcus

Age: 46
Hometown: Madison, WI
I am grateful to share with you my story. I was diagnosed in December 2016 with multiple myeloma. It was a shock to be diagnosed at age 45.  As a young physician, I had no obvious symptoms. My lab values on routine testing were very abnormal, though. I have been very lucky to be able to get treatment right where I work at the University of Wisconsin. I was enrolled in a clinical trial and this opened my eyes to the unparalleled importance of research in our disease.
One of the best resources my family encountered was the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). The MMRF provided a wonderful source of information about the disease. Even more importantly I soon discovered that the drugs I was on that were beating my cancer were part of the many clinical trials sponsored and accelerated by the MMRF. I knew I had to do something and wanted to donate.
Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma is a way for me to do much, much more. By climbing to Everest base camp I can accomplish three goals:
  1. Raise money for this critical organization
  2. Prove that patients like myself who are undergoing treatment can live productive and vibrant lives
  3. Prove to myself that even with a cancer diagnosis I can challenge myself to reach goals that I would never have considered before multiple myeloma
I want to thank everyone who has donated to my cause. I would also like to encourage others to read my story and know that any donation has the real ability to change the life of patients like me. Myeloma is so close to a cure and you can help us get over the finish line. Ten years ago, I would have had a three-year life expectancy. Today, ten years is not unusual.

With the research and advocacy of the MMRF, a normal life is on the horizon.
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Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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