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I Am Climbing Everest to Inspire Hope in People Who Have Multiple Myeloma
Friday, January 12
Have you ever watched the movie Everest? It’s about life and death. All great stories have basically the same theme. Overcoming challenges, finding love in surprising places, beating the odds and winning. 

As you watch the movie you see that Mount Everest is a dangerous place, full of unpredictable obstacles and challenges. It’s easy to ask why people want to climb it. Mountaineer George Mallory’s reason was “because it was there.”  He never left the mountain.

So why would a team of 18 people consisting of multiple myeloma patients, doctors, and loved ones all assembled by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), travel to Mount Everest on March 3, 2018 and climb over 18,000 feet of it?

Crazy right? Not really. 

When you are diagnosed with multiple myeloma it is easy to lose hope.  When you are diagnosed, it creates fear and anxiety throughout the family. With currently no cure, a patient can feel afraid and lonely, leaving caregivers feeling lonely as well, looking for support in their efforts. 

There are many personal reasons we climbers have for doing this, all different, but there is one that we all share. To let people with multiple myeloma know they are not alone, to give hope of winning. 

A cure is coming, and if we have to go to Mount Everest to help find it, so be it. More than $310,000 has been raised by the climbers to help fund the MMRF’s efforts in finding the cure.

Join our effort and follow the team, spread the word and never lose hope.

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