Big Dreams
Sunday, January 17
When you have big dreams, it always comes as a bit of a shock when they actually come true. Here we are, all fifteen of us in East Africa together, making our final preparations, taking our final showers, and getting a good night's sleep before we start the big journey tomorrow.

We met all of our guides today, checked our gear lists, and did a final weigh-in to ensure our bags are under 23 kilos. We learned some Swahili words in an attempt to better connect with our porters. Everyone is cross-referencing their tools and meds and wondering if they brought enough of one thing and too much of another. We have started connecting as fast friends: trading items, stories and advice.

A few minor setbacks, though: Marty had his Malarone and trekking poles stolen at the airport. I forgot my hat at home and had my Leatherman taken away at airport security. Bob showed up without hiking shoes. Nothing a quick trip to town couldn't fix and nothing that could possibly dampen our spirits.

Tomorrow is the first day of an experience that will change our lives forever — something that has already made us better people for simply being a part of it. We are doing this for those that can’t and to inspire those who think they can't. Again, when you have big dreams, it always comes as a built of a shock when they actually come true.

Here's to Moving Mountains.
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